Episode 3: Franklin Horton

EPISODE 3 FRANKLIN HORTON We chat with Franklin Horton, author of the bestselling The Borrowed World series. We find out how Franklin views being prepared in the modern world and how that is reflected in his books, and even how information in his stories can help...

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Episode 2: WJ Lundy

EPISODE 2 WJ LUNDY We chat with WJ Lundy, author of the bestselling WTF series. We find out how WJ won writing awards in his younger years, until he started reading stories about certain mature content and that influence made its way into his writing. The awards...

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Episode 1: Dirk Patton

EPISODE 1 DIRK PATTON Welcome to the first episode of OMG Books, a podcast that takes you on a trip into the brains of bestselling authors. In this episode, we chat with Dirk Patton, author of the bestselling V Plague series. We find out how powerful storytelling can...

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