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The Darwin Protocol

A deranged virologist. A ruthless gang leader. A father haunted by his past. A family pushed to the edge as the world begins to crumble.

When a viral apocalypse threatens Los Angeles, former marine Mason West’s skills as a close protection officer may not be enough to save those he loves most. On the day of the outbreak, Mason pays back a personal debt igniting a bloody war with a vicious gang leader. Worse yet, his latest client is a complete nightmare, an egomaniac supermodel—the kind that expects the world to revolve around her, even when it’s falling apart.

With a debt to pay and his family to protect, the beginning of the end couldn’t be more personal.

Readers are saying:
“It’s up there with Wool [by Hugh Howey].”“The best viral apocalypse book.”“One of the finest stories I’ve read in a few decades!”“Wow, just Wow!”“Loved it!”“Truly excellent. A must-read.”“Impeccably paced, it’s a tense thriller.”“A friggin’ home run.”“Explodes off the pages.”“Hooked me from the first page.”“A wild ride.”“Can’t wait for the next book!”“One contentious action packed tale.”“Well crafted story, great characters, and action.”