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Bigfoot, Big Heart: A Steamy Cleaned Romance


Kiki Kukral’s heart has a hole in it the size of Texas. His fiance, Bambi Cohen, left him standing at the altar. Her last words still echo in his mind. “What’s your pain point?”

Gutted and devastated, Kiki hopes to find peace in the solitude of the forest while reading the latest book from his favorite author. While walking the trails one day, he happens upon a legend come to life. Bigfoot. And he discovers that the creature is nothing like he imagined because Bigfoot has a big heart. Before he knows it, Kiki is falling hard for what could be the new true love of his life.

But then Bambi returns to reclaim her man. And she’s determined to squash Kiki’s growing affection for the Sasquatch.

And then the aliens invade.

If you like steamy cleaned romances with big hearts and bigger feet, then you’ll love this provocative tale of hairy primates and how they choose their forever mates.

Buy Bigfoot, Big Heart today to find out why this short story is long on happily ever after!

NOTE: This story has yet to be written and there is no timeline for it ever to be written.