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EPISODE 27 – May 29, 2018


We chat with Nicholas Sansbury Smith, the grandfather of the post-apocalyptic genre! (I call him that, at least.) We discuss his experiences as a hybrid author and how that works with his numerous and successful series. He talks about how hard it can be to end a series. With so many series in his catalog, he should know! He also talks about his collaboration with Tony Melchiorri for the Orbs 4 book and his ideas for futures collaborations. And the Rorschach Round goes straight soothsayer as he predicts both how the world will end and what will happen when we have first contact with aliens. Yeah, we figure it all out, basically. All that and more!

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The trials and tribulations of getting a new book cover!

As I've mentioned before, I've started writing a middle grade series of books for my daughters in between the more mature apocalyptic stories that I normally write. They are a fun break between the bigger, crazier, scarier books and I love writing stories that they...

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Quote from today’s writing…

I looked over my shoulder and fear shocked me like I’d shuffled around in wool socks on shag carpet for a whole month and then licked my finger and touched a metal door knob.

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Quote from today’s writing…

“We would look so fab glam with first place gold medals draped around our necks. Like here’s your passport,” she made a stamping motion with one hand, “and now you’re in Paris walking down a runway with a giant purple hat that looks like an octopus made out of ping...

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