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Sole Connection


Charles Wilder has the life he’s always dreamed of… until it turns into a nightmare.

We all go through life as if each day will be much the same as the one before. And it usually works out that way. For better or worse, there is a certain momentum that keeps us going on the same road. But on every road and in every life, there are unexpected intersections and detours that can take us in a new direction in an instant.

Sometimes the new road is better, and sometimes it’s not.

Sole Connection is a 5900 word short story.

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Readers are saying:
“One of the best love stories I have ever read!”“Exceptional short story.”“A wonderful, heart-wrenching stand alone story.”“Emotional and fast paced.”“Great short story.”“Nuanced twist left me in tears.”“Couldn’t put it down.”“Amazed at the emotions I felt.”“Will not leave the reader unaffected.”“Can’t wait for the next book!”“A very moving short story.”“A lovely, if heartbreaking, story.”“I cried at the ending.”