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Saint John

Convicted serial killer John Cline may be mankind’s only hope for survival.

Talk about doing hard time. No gravity and colored mush for meals. Sentenced to live out the remainder of his life in a detention cell aboard the International Space Station, he’d curse his luck if foul language wouldn’t offend the memory of his mother.

But when a new threat emerges, can he earn his freedom?

Saint John is a 4500 word short story.

Readers are saying:
“Saint John is intriguing from first page to last. Highly recommended.”“I loved the surprise ending.”“An amazing read.”“Truly excellent. A must-read.”“This story was a good quick read with a surprise ending. Very enjoyable.”“Completely unprepared for the ending of this great little short story.”“Thoroughly enjoyed this short story.”“Very well paced and taut thriller.”“Loved this!”“The characters are very well thought out and developed, into a well researched story.”“Terrific writing and I’m looking forward to reading more from this author.”“Great short story.”“I really enjoyed this short story, and yes the end caught me totally by surprise.”