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Digging into the brains behind the books!

As a reader, I love finding books that make me say, think, or shout OMG! The exclamation can go in a lot of different directions, but at heart it means that I’ve connected deeply with the book, that it has impacted my life in some way. But who are the people behind these works of creative genius? And how are their stories capable of such telepathic power? And how can we answer those questions in the most ridiculously entertaining way possible? The OMG Books show aims to find out.

OMG Books brings you into the brains behind your favorite books. Covering fiction and non-fiction, we invite each author into an informal discussion of what makes them tick and what makes their stories talk to readers. Digging into the facts as much as the fiction, you’ll connect with each guest on a whole new level. Yes, each interview is packed with more juice and chutzpah than can safely be consumed in one sitting. And yet, we do it anyway.

It’s the OMG Books show, where it’s all about taking you into the brains of fantastic authors. No scalpels required! It’s more than an interview. It’s an experience!