Launch Team Membership

Why is being on the Launch Team awesome?
Because you’ll get every book I write for FREE a week or so before it becomes available to the general public!

What’s the catch?
You owe me a million dollars. What a deal! Actually, all I ask is that you give it a read and then post a review on Amazon (Goodreads would be helpful too) after it is published. We’ll be in contact about the details for each book launch, but that’s the general idea.

Why would I give the Launch Team every new release for free?
A few reasons.

1. Reviews are super important to have right out of the gate. They provide social proof for other potential readers. They make the mysterious Amazon ranking algorithm happy. They also satisfy some advertising venue requirements for a minimum number of reviews. In sum, they’re vital to a book’s success (and hence my ability to continue writing).

2. I depend on the Launch Team to let me know if anything doesn’t feel right or if there are any typos or what-not that slipped through. I use several beta readers and an editor before the book gets to the Launch Team, but sometimes mistakes sneak through. The Launch Team is the last step before the book says Hello! to the wider world.

3. It’s awesome to get to know you folks!

Interested? Sign up below while there are still spots available!