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Launch Team Membership

Why is being on the Launch Team awesome?
Because you’ll get every book I write for FREE!

What’s the catch?
Read the new release and then leave an honest review on Amazon. (Goodreads is great too.) We’ll be in contact about the details for each book launch, but that’s the general idea. Note, folks who download review copies and then don’t post reviews will be moved to the Readers Group.

Why would I give the Launch Team every new release for free?
1. Because reviews are super important! They provide social proof for other readers. They also make the mysterious Amazon ranking algorithm happy. In sum, they’re vital to a book’s success.

2. I depend on the Launch Team to let me know if anything slipped through the editing process. I use several beta readers and an editor before the book gets to the Launch Team, but sometimes mistakes still sneak through.


Then leave a review on one of my current books at either Amazon and/or GoodReads and enter the relevant info below. Make sure to answer the math question at the bottom and then tap SEND IT. Thanks!

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