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The Slithering Goliath


A plan for victory and revenge. Cute animals and creepy insects. And one deadly giant snake.

Twelve-year-old Bailey Best talks her way into working at her uncle’s animal rescue center. What’s not to love? Care for amazing animals. Earn money to help pay for a dream vacation. And best of all, get back at her younger brother for the worst betrayal of all time.

She celebrates a little early however because helping out at the rescue isn’t quite what she expected. That, and the giant snake named Goliath hungers for flesh.

The Slithering Goliath is the first novel in the exciting The Best Adventures series. If you like thrilling action and hilarious fun, then you’ll love William Oday’s first book.

Buy The Slithering Goliath today to find out how siblings fight to survive and end up learning about what really matters!

Readers are saying:
“William Oday has a wonderful dramatic flare in the voice of a child. It is thoughtful, funny, and engaging.”“I loved it and will be purchasing it for my grandsons.”“A fast paced and thoroughly enjoyable read.”“A well written book and William Oday is a fantastic storyteller.”“It is a great story about family values, interaction between siblings, and of course a great adventure story.”“I love this book and will recommend it to young readers and to their parents.”“Lots of fun and adventure.”“This is funny in places and scary in others. A great children’s read.”