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I’ve been thinking lately about ways to bring more good mojo to everyone in the Readers Group and Launch Team. Of course, I’ll always include occasional updates on what I’m working on and also when a new release is ready. That’s good. But how could it be better? I’m glad you(I) asked!Here’s what I’m thinking. Wednesday morning emails. Something fun for hump day. There would be a monthly format to keep me relatively organized and also so you’d know what to expect.

First Wednesday – Free Short Story Day!

You may have heard me mention it before, but I enjoy writing short stories for a variety of reasons. One is that they are a welcome break from the bigger/deeper effort of writing a novel. Another is that they are a great opportunity to explore moments not covered in existing stories. There are loads of reasons and so I’ve decided I want to write one a month.

Second or Third Wednesday – Giveaway Day!

Who doesn’t love a free giveaway, right? Haha! I have my first one set up and ready to go. This Wednesday’s Giveaway Day has the following up for grabs. Check it out by tapping on the link below.

$10 Gift Card and Signed Book


That’s right. Cold hard cash (in the form of hot electrons in your inbox) and a signed book from Yours Truly. I’m swooning just thinking about it. Haha. In future giveaways, I may give away more gift cards, signed books, ebook box sets, or branded stuff like coffee cups, bags, and whatnot. Who knows? Have any fun ideas? This will be my first giveaway like this so we’ll figure out what works best together. Please do let me know if anything doesn’t work or seems confusing for you.

Other Potential Wednesdays

A few different things might go here. Novel writing updates, free book promos, Q&A interviews with other authors in the same/similar genre, etc. Do you have any ideas that you’d like to see?

So, that’s the general plan. Things may shift around as other ideas percolate and things crystallize. Is this something that might interest you? I hope so because it sounds cool to me.

And don’t forget to enter to win up at that “TAP HERE” link.