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Happy Humpday! Here’s what I have for you today…

1. May’s Giveaway

2. Sole Survivor cover update

And now for the details…

1. May’s Giveaway

May’s giveaway has arrived and, as promised, it’s pretty sweet! And it’s pretty simple. Enter to win a whole load o’ books and a fantastic device with which to read them.

1 Kindle Fire

50+ Thriller and Crime novels loaded on said Kindle

Some of the other authors involved in the giveaway are Tim Tigner and Joseph Finder. So yeah, I entered too!


2. Sole Survivor cover update

As may have been obvious to the discerning eye, I’ve designed all my own covers to this point in my writing career. That served two functions. One, I enjoy tinkering with cover designs. And two, it’s cheaper in terms of cash outlay (though not necessarily in terms of the value of my time). In any case, I decided that Sole Survivor should have a proper cover designer. I ended up finding an amazing artist and I couldn’t be more thrilled with what she’s putting together. It’s just about done and I’ll definitely be sharing it with you once it’s ready. She’s done the Trackers series by Nicholas Sansbury Smith and The Day After Never series by Russell Blake, to name a couple of her other clients. BIG names writing in a similar genre.

The covers she did on those series are pretty sweet. I think mine is better! Haha! I suppose I should though, right? Anyway, she’s just about finished and she’ll be doing a new cover for Man-Eater as well to make the series covers fit together nicely.

I’m super exited about it! Wahoo!