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Quick update on the story that was called The Dark and Dangerous Road…

The title has changed! And so has the accompanying cover art. You may have seen me talk at one time or another about how the story changed from my original intentions and conception. The Dark and Dangerous Road was supposed to be a story about a man and a streetrat he found along the way and how the two of them survived a cross country trip to get somewhere for some reason.

I had some ideas for the details, but not all of them. I then wrote an opening and it didn’t catch me. I wrote a couple more and they didn’t resonate either.

I then threw out that idea and wrote something crazy off the top of my head. Perhaps unfortunately for my sanity, that opening caught me and is the opening for this story. The idea has evolved as the folks in the FB group make decisions about the story and as I spend more time in it, figuring out the backstory and the larger events at play.

With all the changes, a new title was needed. And I landed on one that I think perfectly fits. The Dark Descent. Along with the new title came new cover art.

So, that’s why things look a little different. Just wanted to explain it to avoid confusion. The story is still moving along the same journey it’s been on. It’s just that now the title and cover art have caught up.