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Here comes the first of many! At least enough to refill my depleted closet and maybe more if I end up liking this as much as I think I will. Here’s the back story for this shirt design…

Sometimes when I’m breaking a story down or even when I’m writing a scene, I start to get stressed about if it’s all going to work out in the end or not. I’m talking about getting so freaked out that all the creative juices start to dry up. It’s crazy. It’s not like writing a story is brain surgery that might save a person’s life. Then again, I know people that have been saved from depression by stories. Anyway, don’t dwell on that because thinking a story is special is a sure fire way to shut it down in no time. Being in that worried state of mind is never productive. And it does far more to hurt a story than to help it.

So, I created a shirt design to help me get through that. Now, I’m going to reach into the closet, put this on, and get back to the beautiful business of spinning tales that give people a few hours of entertainment.

Can you feel it? I’m feeling better already!