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Working on Sole Survivor, book 2 in the Recovering Eden series.

Genius quantum physicist fixated on saving the doomed human race with a technology that could change the course of history? Uhh, yeah! ..


Theo pinched at the sharp ache in his right hand. Medication would help, but he feared getting addicted to any substance that might alter his mental acuity. Especially those that required daily doses and so became a crutch with a catch.

His mind was his rason d’ etre.

So many people in the modern day used so-called lifestyle drugs that altered their brain chemistry to be happier, or calmer, or thinner, or to have erections that lasted longer. Every ailment addressed by the promise of a pill.

They all required a compromise that he was unwilling to make.

It was a question of commitment.

From a young age, he knew his passion, if not his vocation. And that was only because the field of Quantum Mechanics hadn’t been born yet. Yes, the reality had existed. But the recognition of that reality had yet to pierce the bubble of mankind’s consciousness.

He winced as an especially sharp twinge pulsed up through his wrist. He accepted the sensation as a reminder that he was still alive and that the wrong he’d done might yet be remedied. He’d killed a man. A man he loved like the son he never had. And if not killed, as there was no way yet to be certain, then at least knowingly put him in harm’s way.

All for an idealistic truth that he no longer cared about.