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I like creating things. Stories are a given. But I also like making shirt designs that I wear myself. If I’m going to pay for clothes, I may as well get exactly what I want!

New shirt design – Don’t Worry Write Happy!

Here comes the first of many! At least enough to refill my depleted closet and maybe more if I end up liking this as much as I think I will. Here's the back story for this shirt design... Sometimes when I'm breaking a story down or even when I'm writing a scene, I...

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Making my own shirt designs!

My wife has been telling me lately that I need to invest some cash into new items for my wardrobe. Now, I'm not usually the type to go shopping. Okay, I'll level with you here. I hate shopping for clothes. If you want to ruin my day, take me to a mall and force me to...

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