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It’s a prequel to Sole Prey and goes into what happened in Charles and Emily’s lives just before Sole Prey opens. It’s 5900 words of thrilling chilling feeling! It’s not my usual thriller with feeling story. It’s touching. It’s life. It was hard to write. No spoilers, but oh my was it hard to write. But it was necessary to provide the emotional landscape underpinning Man-Eater and hence Sole Suvivor (the novel I’m working on right now).

Readers are saying…

“Simply one of the best love stories I have ever read. Period. Exclamation Point.”

“The ending, with its subtle and nuanced twist left me in tears. You will definitely love this story.”

Here’s the blurb…

Charles Wilder has the life he’s always dreamed of… until it turns into a nightmare.

We all go through life as if each day will be much the same as the one before. And it usually works out that way. For better or worse, there is a certain momentum that keeps us going on the same road. But on every road and in every life, there are unexpected intersections and detours that can take us in a new direction in an instant.

Sometimes the new road is better, and sometimes it’s not.

It’s FREE for members of the Readers Group and $0.99 for everyone else. You can get it on all the usual online book stores.

Grab your hankie and get ready for the feels!