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Whew. That was crazy, but I made it… which is more than I can say for all of the characters in The Darwin Sacrifice! Hehe. No spoilers.

Book 3 begins two months after the outbreak. Mason West fights to keep the president alive, even as the needs of his job and family come into conflict. The members of his extended family all have their own problems to get through as well. Nobody has it easy.

Let me tell you. This book kicks ass and takes names like it was made of all feet and pencils.

Anyway, it has already been sent to the Launch Team and will be released on December 30, 2016. It will be discounted to $0.99 for the first three days only. After that, it goes up to the normal price of $3.99. So get it cheap while you can!

This guy was so excited about the news that he broke into an impromptu session of heavy metal air guitar!