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Here we go now!

A few early readers have had a crack at this one and the reviews have come back like applause in The Colosseum in Rome… like how it is now mostly abandoned and not like at the height of Rome whilst packed with raving spectators, bleeding gladiators and blood-soaked sand. Hey, not that many people have read it yet. But the ones that have absolutely loved it.

Here’s the blurb…

The scourge nearly wiped out mankind long ago. Now, the few females that are born are prized and protected by the men.
One fifteen-year-old boy has spent his life working in the dirt and grime of the fields. He dreams of a better future by winning the coming-of-age lottery. He and his best friend participate in their first lottery and so become men in the community. But when his ticket is chosen, the life he wins turns out to be nothing like he expected.

The Gender Lottery is a 7100 word short story.

And the best part is that it’s free for members of the Readers Group and Launch Team! So sign up on the home page if you’re not already a member and want more freebies than you can stab a sword at!


And it’s only $0.99. It’s also available in Kindle Unlimited and can be read for free if you are a member.

Like I said in the last post on it, if you like the Handmaid’s Tale with a bit of The Lottery sprinkled in for spice, you’ll enjoy The Gender Lottery. Despite getting a bad case of the creepers while writing it, I enjoyed the story and hope you do too!

Thanks for reading!