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Ever thought about doing more than reading the story? How about helping to create the story?

I’m talking about collaborative storytelling!

Here’s the overview. I write a story segment (usually a couple of chapters) every week. Each segment ends with a few choices that YOU get to vote on to decide where the story goes next. It’s like the adult post apocalyptic version of a Choose Your Own Path book. (I loved those as a kid!) The option with the most votes gets written into the next segment.

I write. You vote. I write. You vote. And off we go into something unbelievably cool that neither of us have ever seen before.

Sound fun? It is! If you agree, the next steps are for you…

1. Tap the link below to go to the Facebook group. It’s a closed group so you’ll need to hit Join and then I’ll get you in the next time I’m on FB. Only members of the group get to vote on where the story goes next.


2. Read the “New here? Read this first!” post at the top. That post goes over how the process will work.

Even if you don’t want to be involved with the storytelling, feel free to join the group. You can be the fly on the wall that gets to read the chapters as they come out and witness the wonder first hand!

If FB isn’t your thing, you can still read the story right here on my blog. After the group has made a decision, I’ll post that story segment to my blog for everyone to read.

Let’s create!