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As mentioned in the lengthy tome blog post about home renovation, I’m easing back into the writing process. Writing, I find, is not quite like riding a bike. The longer I don’t do it, the harder it is to get back on the seat. It’s a strange mental thing that, I believe, most writers face. A weird mental resistance builds the longer my brain doesn’t delve into storytelling world. I’m not sure if it’s just where I am in my writing career, or if it will be something that is a lifelong feature. Don’t know. What I do know is that it’s definitely a real thing at this point.

But like I said, it’s all mental. Because once I break through that invisible wall, the thoughts and storytelling flow. A few days of writing and it feels as natural as slipping into a warm second skin. The more experience I get with writing, the more I understand to discount, ignore, and otherwise diminish that initial feeling of resistance. It feels as solid as brick for some reason, and then dissolves into dust as the words spill out. It’s so strange. And I’m sure many other writers experience the same thing. The more time I spend in this career, the more I realize how much of a mental game it is. Which isn’t surprising, I guess, considering the work itself is such a mental exercise.

The home renovation of the last few months has given me some great perspective on my writing and I’m thrilled to bring back some of that newly discovered wisdom. And that’s on top of providing me with endless metaphors involving impact drills and spackle!

Justin gritted his teeth and closed his eyes, knowing what she’d say next. They had ignored the growing cracks in their relationship for too long and no amount of love spackle was going to save it.

Yeah, I just came up with. On the fly. Haha! Okay, I’m just getting back into the flow. I said that, right?

In any case, this wasn’t supposed to be a post on the psychology of writing, it’s about the result of that writing. A new short story! I think The Tank Man turned out wonderfully. It was a great exercise in breaking down that wall of resistance and getting back into the flow. Here’s the blurb…

What happened to the man who stared down a column of tanks the day after the Tiananmen Square massacre? No one knows. Until now.

Dr. Zhang Yong’s many years with the top secret Hermes Project reaches its climax—the most powerful particle accelerator test ever run. And the night before the test, he receives an ultimatum to commit treason or lose those he loves most.

Faced with an impossible choice, Zhang once again finds himself caught in events that could redefine the future of mankind.

The Tank Man is a 12,000 word short story.

It’s a hefty short story! And it’s free for members of the Readers Group. Please do post a review as they always help. You can find the book on your retailer of choice by clicking the link below…


Hope you enjoy it!