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So, what’s happening in the Recovering Eden world? Well, lots of words to start with! I’m in the writing rhythm and knocking out words and chapters like Mike Tyson before he retired and tried his luck at being a male escort. Yes, that really happened.

The storylines are solid and the details are coming together with alarming ease. “THE BIG PROBLEM” that every story I write seems to have at some point (just one if I’m lucky) hasn’t reared its ugly head and, looking through the detailed outline, I can’t see where it would be hiding. Perhaps the muses will decide to let this one pass without a major reworking. If so, I would be most appreciative!

There is a new character introduced and he’s been buckets of fun to write. The weirder, the better is apparently my preference. I’ve posted some of the writing from one of his chapters recently on the blog and FB so check those spots to get a feel for him. The posts are called “Quote from today’s writing…” They’re small snippets I grab and post when something I’ve recently written happens to catch me for whatever reason.

You may be aware of a drawing I posted about here and on FB a while back. It’s a random drawing to win a gruesome fictional demise. Odd? Definitely. Cool? Why not! Well, I’m getting close to that chapter and so the option to add an entry will be shut down in the near future. I’ll announce the winner at that time. If you want to be immortalized in one of my books or want someone you dislike to take on that role, check out the post below before it’s too late.


What else?

One of the major storylines is based upon a HUGE fear I had as a kid. A fear that I got over as an adult (or at least managed) but one which two of my sisters still harbor in their deepest selves. Yes, I’d love to tell you the fear but that would be a big spoiler… so I won’t. Maybe after the book is released, I’ll touch on it again and how it came to have such a hold on me. Anyhow, that storyline is proving a joy to write because I can easily dredge up the terror from my memories. Even if you didn’t share that fear before, maybe you will after reading this book. Haha! But I hope not. Seriously. Did I tell you it still limits my sisters’ lives?

And another small update on the book and the series. You may have wondered why the title changed from Sole Killer to Sole Chaos. Once I finished the beats and dove into the first draft, I quickly realized that Sole Killer reflected the smaller story that I originally had in mind. The story has grown and the new title better describes it.

On a similar note, the series name will be changing at some point in the not too distant future. Just have to get with my cover designer to update everything. In the same kind of way, now that I’ve written a number of stories into the series, the original name doesn’t quite fit like a silk glove anymore. The new series name will better reflect everything already written and also what I plan to write in future books. I’ll reveal that when the covers have been updated and everything pushed through.

That’s all the news for now. Back to making gobs of words for me. Check out the “Quote from today’s writing…” posts on FB or my website blog if you’re interested in sampling small hints of what is to come.

Here’s what I know for sure even at this early stage… it’s going to be awesome.

Thanks for reading!