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And now it’s time to return to the land of apocalyptic adult fiction!

Writing The Beepocalypse was a wonderful brain recess to a middle grade adventure land where the danger and darkness are never more than the heroes can handle. Hey, I don’t want to bring a twelve-year-old down, you know? Haha! But now it’s time to return to the apocalyptic world happening in the Recovering Eden series. And this is definitely a world where the characters can experience deep loss, lose loved ones, and even die themselves. That’s life in the apocalypse. It’s not all cotton candy and bubble gum. Get ready to experience the full gamut of human experience and emotion because Sole Killer is IN THE WORKS!

As I was writing The Beepocalypse, I was also working through the beats for the next book in the Recovering Eden series. Book 1, Sole Survivor, did a great job of setting up all the pieces on the board and now we get to start seeing how it all plays out. In other words, SUPER FUN! I was originally thinking book 2 would be called Sole Refuge to reflect the main thrust of that story, but as I worked through the big beats of the plot, I realized that there is another story to tell before that one. So, Book 2 is now Sole Killer and book 3 will likely be Sole Refuge.

So what happens in book 2, you ask. Did you ask that? I know I did so we’ll go with it.

We left our heroes on Kodiak Island a few days after a BIG event happened. (No spoilers in case you haven’t read it yet.) Sure, most of them made it out of the wilderness, but that doesn’t mean they made it to safety. Not by a long shot. The town of Kodiak now has to survive a harsh new reality. Indeed, the world does. And unfortunately for the townsfolk, the obvious dangers will turn out to be the least of their worries. And if you’ve read the first book, you may think you have some ideas about what the unexpected danger might be… but I don’t think you’ll expect the one I have in mind.

<play dramatic music here> Muhuhuhahahahahahaha! <pause dramatic music here>

Anyhow, I don’t want to say more than that at this point. Going forward, I’ll be filling out the smaller beats and then jumping into the writing. I’m aiming to break my own speed record in getting this one out to you so wish me luck on that! 🙂