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So I’m making good progress. As sometimes (often?) happens when mapping out a story, it ends up wanting to change and morph and won’t take no for an answer. It’s my subconscious demanding I write the better story… the one it wants to tell! And it doesn’t give a damn about all the plans I had before it came butting into the scene with its know-it-all, smarter-than-thou attitude.

The more I write, the more I’m learning to listen instead of fight it. So, I’ve acquiesced and shifted some things around and so it is becoming a much bigger story. Bigger in the sense of the stakes involved. I can’t say more than that right now. If you recall how Man-Eater ended, we get more into that in this book.

And it’s crazy. And awesome.

Oh yes! I’ve also written a short story, Sole Connection, that is a prequel to Man-Eater. It goes into what happened in Charles’ life leading up to the first scene with he and Emily packing for the trip to Kodiak. I’ve actually written two more short stories that are connected with the series, but those will likely have to be released later. I think they may reveal too much before book 2 comes out.

Anyway, Sole Connection (the short story) needs some small edits and then a free copy will be sent to members of the Readers Group. That should be in a week or so. It’s my way of saying thanks for having a seat on the SS William Oday.

Thanks for reading!