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If you enjoy a thrilling ride, you’re going to love this book! Here’s what early readers are saying…

“This story is simply amazing! I could not put it down!” … “This was a fun fun ride!” … “An exciting, what’s-going-to-happen-next? extravaganza.” … “Exciting and full of adventure!” … “Kept me up at night reading.” … “Action packed story!!” … “Another great read from Oday!” … “A page-turning thrill ride.” … “You gotta read this!” … “This story has it all…..mystery, action, romance and humor.” … “A must read!” … “I love this author and this series!”

Here’s the blurb:

“Alone in the wilderness. The last to quit wins a million dollars.

Reality TV show contestant Emily Wilder enters the wilderness on Kodiak Island determined to win or die trying. Losing the contest means losing the only family she has left. The other contestants have their own reasons to endure and win. Finding shelter, water, and food is only the beginning because the island is crawling with Kodiak brown bears.

A top secret government project unleashes a revolutionary technology that could save the doomed human race. But when political tensions between the United States and China boil over, humanity may run out of time.

The TV show is the toughest challenge of their lives, until it isn’t.

Survival isn’t a game anymore.”


And it’s only $0.99 for a limited time! (It’s normally $3.99.) It’s also available in Kindle Unlimited and can be read for free if you are a member. The book is a wild adventure all on its own. But if you want to read more about the story world and the various characters in it, I recommend reading the various stories in this order…

Sole Connection – a short story prequel to Sole Prey

Sole Prey – a novella prequel to Sole Survivor (Also available for a limited time at $0.99. It’s normally $2.99.)

Sole Survivor – Book 1

The Tank Man – a short story related to Sole Survivor

The Plunge – a short story related to the series

Back to work on Sole Refuge, book 2 in the series, for me!

Thanks for reading!